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European Moose hunting in Russia

Нunting request

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European Moose can be found both in Europe and western Asia, from the Ural Mountains in the east to the Yenisei River and Altai Range in western Siberia.
European Moose have well developed antlers, often with decent palms that can weigh up to 33 pounds/ 15 kg without the skull. European Moose from western Siberia are larger with more palmate antlers then those in European part of Russia. Russian Moose hunts are the most impressive ones and it goes without saying most spectacular.

Hunting packages

Ask for hunting package details and special moose hunt prices via:

Email jagd@profihunt.com
Skype profihunt-jagd, profihunt-asia, profihunt-russia

Hunting season

The season starts from the 10th of September till the 25th of September.

Moose hunting tips

Each hunter is provided with two guides. Hunt is done on foot using jeeps for transportation in the area. Hunt by calling mature moose bulls is the most successful at this time.

Hunting Base Camps

Comfortable cabins and lodges are used to accommodate hunters in these areas. Every camp is provided with an interpreter and a cook.

How to get there

You arrive to You arrive to Moscow airport, our representative meets our there and assists though the customs. Then we take you by van to the best Moose hunting region – Yaroslavl that is located 150-200 miles / 240-260 km away from Moscow.

Weather in Russia

In September expect 55-65°F / 15 -20°C at day time with lows of 40-50°F / 6-10°C. Rains are possible. Chilly mornings by the end of September are expected.

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