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Lynx hunting in Russia (Vologda)

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Lynx is one of the most beautiful Russian forest mammals. It is a very shy carnivore, seldom seen by humans. It is a medium-sized cat with relatively long legs, black ear tufts and a short tail with dark tip. Its reddish-gray or yellow-gray fur is usually covered with dark spots.
Light feet, acute hearing and sense of smell allow this predator to become a hard-to-get trophy for the hunter. Lynx hunts are full of challenges but are worth every inch of them.

Hunting packages

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Hunting season

December – January.

Lynx hunting tips

The most effective way is to hunt lynx with dogs. Specially trained dogs follow the fresh tracks. Lynx is a poor runner and will soon attempt to climb a tree. The dogs must be well-trained because otherwise the cat will get away easily. Specially trained dogs make the lynx stop and climb the tree and then allow the hunter to come closer without letting the predator to escape.

Hunting Base Camps

Wooden hunting house with all necessary facilities and Russian sauna.

How to get there

You will arrive in the international Moscow airport. Our crew will meet you there and assist through the customs. In the evening you will travel by train from Moscow to Vologda. It takes about 9 hours to get there. You will be met in Vologda and proceed by car to the hunting area. The transfer lasts about 4 hours.

Weather in Vologda

Hunting becomes possible after the snow covers the ground and allows tracking the Lynx easily. However the snow level should not be too high as it makes it harder for dogs, while the Lynx stays on top of snow cover due to particular paw anatomy. The average temperature is 5-19°F(-15°C -7°C).

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