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Mid-Asian Ibex hunting in Kazakhstan

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Over the last 18 years our hunters are enjoying 95% success for Mid-Asian Ibex hunting in Kazakhstan.. Kazakhstan is the country where ProfiHunt started its hunting activity. It is the most popular mountain hunt, because it is real adventure. Siberian Roe Deer can also be harvested as additional trophy in Kazakhstan.
See our client in SCI record book: Giancarlo Boienti.

Hunting packages

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Hunting season

Altyn Emel. Hunting season runs from August 15 to December 15 with the best time August 1 – November 30
Djungarian Alatau. Hunting season starts from August 15 through December 15, with the best time September-October 15
Ily Alatau. Hunting season runs from August 15 to October 25 with the best time October 1-October 25

Ibex Hunting tips

Mid-Asian Ibex hunts are classical spot-and-stalk hunts. Spike camps are often used in conjunctions with the permanent base camps in order to provide you with the best hunting possible. Horses are of great help for hunters, and can get hunters of all types into prime game country. In some areas a great deal of riding is required. Ride before you go on this hunt.
During the day you will explore the upper edges of mountains, glassing the hillsides and feeding areas. Normally you see numerous Ibex during the day. Physical condition is a factor on the stalking portion of Ibex hunts. Long range shooting, up to 400 yards, is normal on the hunt.

Hunting Base Camps

Tents, yurts (GER) or hunting cabins are used to accommodate the hunters in these regions. Base camps have no modern conveniences but they are clean and warm. In all base camps showers are available. In all base camps you will have a cook and interpreter. In spike camps you should expect spartan conditions. Good skilled stuff makes you feel comfortable. Base camps are located in deep mountains while spike camps are set up on the plateaus at around 5,500 – 7,000feet.

How to get there

You arrive to Almaty at midnight by Lufthansa via Frankfurt or by Turkish Airlines via Istanbul. Our crew meets you at the airport and assists through the customs.
Take a drink, relax and enjoy – we do everything to expedite the customs procedure. Our car takes you to the hotel and you have a rest. In the morning you drive to the hunting area. You travel 5-6 hrs if you hunt in Altyn Emel National Park, 12-14 hrs drive if you go to Djungarian Alatau area, and 2 hrs if you hunt to Ily Alatau National Park.

Weather in Kazakhstan

Altyn Emel: Daytime 60-70°F, at night 40-45°F
Djungarian Alatau: Daytime 40-50°F, at night 10-32°F
Ily Alatau: Daytime 40-45°F, at night 5-25°F

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