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Mid-Asian Ibex hunting in Kyrgyzstan

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Kyrgyzstan hunting destination is very famous for big game hunters seeking for Mid-Asian Ibex and the fabulous Marco Polo Argali. Mid-Asian Ibex is the largest Ibex in the world with the horn length from 40 to 48 inches at average.
See our clients in SCI Record Book: Alejandro Reyes Vazquez.

Hunting packages

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Hunting season

The season is from August 15 to November 30, January 15 to February 28; with the best time for Mid-Asian Ibex hunts from September 1 to November 30.

Ibex Hunting tips

Most Kyrgyzstan hunting trips are based from horse back due to the immense amount of country to be covered for successful Mid-Asian Ibex hunts. Expect extensive horseback riding 8-10 hours a day and considerable walking. Some knowledge and experience with horses and riding is a must. During the day you will explore the upper edges of the mountains, glassing the hillsides and feeding areas.
A temporary tented camp is set up with the specific goal of hunting a particular animal or area. Rams are generally located in remote country at 12,000 feet / 4,000 m. Once the trophy is spotted you complete your stalk on foot. Physical condition is an important factor for stalking during Ibex hunts. Long range shooting, up to 500 yards/m is normal.

Hunting Base Camps

Camps are located at 8,500 feet. They are traditional Asian yurts, cabins and wooden structures. They are warm, clean and comfortable with separate areas for dining, bathing and sleeping and have electrical generation. You find good food and service.

How to get there

You can fly directly to Bishkek via Istanbul. There is no problem with transit of hunting rifles via Turkey. We will meet you at the any airport of your arrival. VIP service at the airport upon arrival/departure can be organized upon your request and is highly recommended.
Take a drink, relax and enjoy – we will do everything to assist you through the customs. The same morning our car gets you to the hunting area. The transfer runs from 4 to 12 hrs depending on the area you hunt.

Weather in Kyrgyzstan

Usually the weather is favorable and more or less predictable in this region during the hunting period. At daylight hours in November the temperature is from 32°F-45°F / 0°C to 10°C and at nighttime from 24°F up to 18°F / -10°C up to – 15°C. Windy conditions.

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