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Siberian Brown Bear hunting in Russia

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Siberian Brown Bear (Ursus arctos collaris) is intermediate in size between Eurasian and Kamchatka Brown Bears. The fur is long, soft and dense. The collar is usually dark brown with noticeably darker legs. The Siberian Brown Bear occupies the largest habitat in Russia. The typical Siberian Brown Bear runs between six to seven feet with occasional eight – foot bears taken.

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Siberian Hunting season

Hunting season is from May 05 to May 25. Hunting in fall is not very successful but some areas with perfect mix bag – Bear, Manchurian Wapiti and Siberian roe deer can be recommended.

Siberian Brown Bear hunting tips

Bears are typically congregated in areas where the first green grass shoots appear. You hunt on mountainous terrain, it is a tough hunt. You spot bears and then make the stalk. Bears are also hunted by baiting. In some areas hunting by boat is used. Bears are feeding on any green vegetation that grows on southern slopes. Bears are easy spotted from boats; noise of river allows you to approach a bear quite close, and start your stalk. It is very challenging and very successful hunt.

Hunting Base Camps

The camps are simple hunting houses or cabins with cots. They are warm, clean and comfortable. You will find good food and quality service. Our staff does everything possible to please our guests.

How to get there

You arrive to the Moscow, Sheremetevo international airport. Our crew meets you and assists through customs. We do everything possible to expedite the customs procedure. Then you take the evening flight to Novokuznetsk or Krasnoyarsk.

Weather in Russia

During daylight hours the temperature in April/May is 35-50°F /+10-15°C and during nighttime 32-40°F / 0 +10°C. In September during daylight hours the temperature is from 60 to 70°F / 15-20°C and during night from 40-50°F / 5-10°C.

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