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Pakistan is one of the unique countries rich in history, culture and nature. Every region of this country has its own peculiar qualities and places of interest: from fascinating ancient ruins to beautiful national parks. Hunting in Pakistan is unique due to the great variety of mountain game animals. The Blanford Urial and Punjab Urial can be found in Pakistan only. The average horn length of Blanford specie is 25 - 26 inches (66 cm), of Punjab - 24 - 30 inches (60 - 76 cm). The biggest trophies registered by the SCI Record book are 33 inches for Blanford Urial (scored 129 points) and 32 inches for Punjab specie (right horn, scored 135 points). Pakistan mountains are also inhabited by the Blue Sheep, Sind and Himalayan Ibex. The average horns of Sind Ibex are 8 inches (20 cm) longer than that of Himalayan specie. The 40 inches trophy of Himalayan Ibex is considered good, the 46 inches trophy is a record one.

Hunting trophy in Pakistan:

  • Blanford Urial
  • Punjab Urial
  • Blue Sheep
  • Sind Ibex
  • Himalayan Ibex

Hunting packages

Ask for hunting package details and special hunt prices via: Email jagd@profihunt.com Skype profihunt-jagd, profihunt-asia, profihunt-russia

Hunting season

From November 1 to 30th of April.

Hunting in Pakistan

Done by stalking. Mountain hunts demand gameness and stamina. Trucks are used for transportation to remote hunting areas. Altitudes: Blanford Urial: 650 - 5900 feet (200 - 1800 m) Punjab Urial: 980 - 1300 feet (300-400 m) Sind Ibex: 650 - 5900 feet (200 - 1800 m) Himalayan Ibex: 9850 - 11500 feet (3000-3500 m) Blue Sheep: 8200 - 9850 feet (2500 - 3000 m)

Hunting Base Camps

Depending on the area the hunters are accommodated at the comfortable hunting camps with hot shower and television or at the nice tent camps.

How to get there

There are daily flights to Islamabad (capital of Pakistan) from many European cities. For example Lufthansa and British Airways are flying to Islamabad directly from Frankfurt and London. From Islamabad airport hunters fly to Karachi (1 hour flight). The hunting area is only 3 - 4 hour drive away from the Karachi airport.

Weather in Pakistan

There are three main seasons in Pakistan: cold weather lasts from October to March, hot weather lasts March through June and rain season is from July to September. The average January temperature in the mountains can go as low as of - 4°F (- 20°C), in February the temperature ranges from 23°F to 5°F (-5 to -15°C). Rain and snow are possible.
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