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January 25-28 2017
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Latest trophy hunting reports

Chukotka Snow Sheep hunting in Russia: Great trophies taken by famous hunters!

Chukotka Snow Sheep hunting in Russia

We are very happy to congratulate 2 very famous mountain hunters Jose Madrazo and Eduard Bendersky with one more great trophy in their huge collections - a Chukotka Snow Sheep,a rare and very desirable ram for every hunter!
We welcome you to add Chukotka Snow Sheep hunting with ProfiHunt!

European Moose and Siberian Roe Deer combination: One more great hunt of Jim Shockey in Russia!

Siberian Roe Deer hunting in Russia

Jim Shockey just came from an other successful hunt having harvested Siberian Roe Deer in European part of Russia (Orenburg) and a European Moose in Asian part of Russia (Kurgan) - what a great combination !
Our sincerest congratulations to Jim for one more great achievement!

News from Kyrgyzstan - Mid-Asian Ibex hunt 2016

Mid-Asian Ibex hunting in Kyrgyzstan

As a first report from Kyrgyzstan we would like to publish the trophies of our US hunters Anthony Hafla and Cody Bradshaw. Both hunters were lucky to get their Mid-Asian Ibex trophies during the first hunting days and saved some time for enjoying picturesque views and sightseeing. Stay with ProfiHunt, new reports are about to come.
Join us for 2017 hunting season in Kyrgyzstan!

Hunt in Canada:
forests and mountains of British Columbia and Yukon

hunting in Canada

Canada is a paradise for trophy addicts, the hunting destination with a variety of species most hunters are eager to harvest. And it's well known. Our devoted client and a real friend of us Sergey Yastrzhembsky put his feet on the hunting trail in Canada in August-beginning of September this year. Vast hunting areas in two Canadian provinces, horse riding and mountain climbing, the weather whims are history now. But what is the reality it's good trophies of Dall Sheep, Stone Sheep and Snow goat. Our sincere congratulations!
Canada can and will offer more. If your target is SCI slams and rewards it's Canada you need indeed. And Sergey has already dived into plans for shortly coming 2017. Will see and let you know for sure!

Koryak Snow Sheep hunting - Great Sheep trophies !

Koryak Snow Sheep hunting in Russia

We are very glad to congratulate our very well known hunting guests from Spain and USA Jose Pepe Madrazo and George Latham Myers II with their successful Koryak Sheep hunting with our company and great rams they have harvested on this tough hunt! Well done !
Enjoy the video about this exceptional hunt and welcome to hunt this Snow Sheep with ProfiHunt!

Successful hunting in Russian Far East!

hunting in Russia

We are happy to congratulate our Russian hunters with their successful hunt in Russian Far East where they managed to harvest such desirable trophies like Isubra Deer, Sika Deer and Chinese Roe Deer. The Isubra Deer taken by Alexander Egorov is the new # 1 SCI record book ! The Russian Far East is a hunting paradise and gives you a great opportunity to combine 3-4 different species in one trip with the possibility to add Amur Brown Bear or Black Bear (Hymalayan Bear) to the above mentioned animals!
Book your fantastic hunting adventure in the Russian Far East with ProfiHunt!

Remote adventure: Altai and Gobi Ibex hunting in Mongolia

Altai Ibex hunting in MongoliaGobi Ibex hunting in Mongolia

We are happy to announce great results after finishing hunt in Mongolia. Our hunter and friend - Kotenkov Dmitry is leaving this picturesque, mountain country with full pockets of impressions. When arriving Mongolia he aimed at getting the best possible trophies and with no doubts they did. The result of the hunt you can see on the pictures below.
Book your adventure in Asia with ProfiHunt for 2017, today!

Dagestan Tur hunting in Russia:Hard deserved trophies!

Dagestan Tur hunting in RussiaDagestan Tur hunting in RussiaDagestan Tur hunting in Russia

We would like to congratulate our Belorussian, French and USA hunters with their successful Dagestan Tur hunting in Russia and great Tur trophies taken after a hard work in the steep mountains! The result is based on their very good physical condition,a lot of efforts and hunting luck!
Enjoy the videos about this hunting and book Dagestan Tur hunting in Russia with ProfiHunt in 2017!

Siberian Roe Deer hunting season in Kurgan 2016 :
Very successful!

Siberian Roe Deer hunting in Russia (Kurgan)

We are happy to announce that our Siberian Roe Deer hunting season in Kurgan was great despite a very cold Winter and brought our clients from all over the world a lot of very good trophies with some outstanding ones. The biggest trophy was 1.261 Gr which is a huge Roe Deer.
We would like to thank our hunters who have trusted us the organization of this hunt and we are already filling up our camps for next season!

Mid-Asian Ibex hunting in Kazakhstan:Great hunting adventure!

Mid-Asian Ibex hunting in Kazakhstan

Our Spanish,American and German hunters did really enjoy Mid-Asian Ibex hunting in Kazakhstan with its amazing landscapes, beautiful mountains and very interesting hunt and bagged great Ibex trophies!
Be together at the top with ProfiHunt!

High peaks - Hard work - Great turs
(Kuban Tur, Mid-Caucasian Tur, Caucasian Chamois 2016)

Hunting in Russia

We would like to share with you the success of our Fall hunting season in Caucasian mountains. Our guests from USA, Canada and Europe and Philippines took a great advantage of Russian species variety: Kuban tur, Mid-Caucasian tur, Caucasian chamois. Our congratulations and best greetings to the real men: Scott Jennings, Dennis Hirschfeld, Arnold Esslinger, Enrique Fernandez, John Baker, William and Thomas Nye, Albert Fusella.
Join the Biggest names in hunting with ProfiHunt in 2017 hunting season.

Traditional Fall hunting of European Brown Bear in Russia - Great success!

Eurasian Brown Bear hunting in Russia

Two friends from Switzerland and France Alexandre Col and Frederic Houdoy have just returned from a traditional bear hunt on the oat fields. Although the weather did not want to play with, with good humor and patience the gentlemen baged their bears. Our sincerest congratulations to Alexandre and Frederic.

Kamchatka Snow Sheep hunting - Season is in the middle !

Kamchatka Snow Sheep hunting in Russia

Our Kamchatka Snow Sheep hunting season goes on and brings us new great trophies. This time we are proud to congratulate our customer from Switzerland with a mature ram harvested late August there !
Enjoy the photo and the video about that hunt and book your Kamchatka Snow Sheep hunt with ProfiHunt!

Classic Caucasian combination:Successfully done!

Kuban (Western) Tur hunting in RussiaCaucasian Chamois hunting in Russia

Our good customer and SCI International Director Dr.Miguel Estade is the first hunter of the season who completed the classic Caucasian combination and got Kuban Tur, Caucasian Chamois and Mid-Caucasian Tur in one trip! Our sincerest congratulations to Miguel for his great achievement!

Jim Shockey's Kamchatka Snow Sheep - One more great trophy from Russia !

Kamchatka Snow Sheep hunting in Russia

Jim Shockey has just completed a very successful hunting trip to Kamchatka for its fabulous Show Sheep and he had ended it up by taking a great 10 years old ram! Congratulations to Jim for one more great trophy and thanks to him for his trust in ProfiHunt! We are very proud to have honor to organize all his Russian hunts!
Book your Kamchatka Snow Sheep hunt for 2017 hunting season!

Mid - Caucasian Tur hunting in Russia 2016 - Trophies go to France and Italy!

Mid-Caucasian Tur hunting in Russia

Our customers from France and Italy Patrick Gentil and Andrea Coppo just opened our Mid-Caucasian Tur hunting season having taken good trophies! The season promises to be a very successful one and we wish to all our hunters best hunting !

Kamchatka Snow Sheep hunting - Great trophies in the beginning of the season!

Kamchatka Snow Sheep hunting in RussiaKamchatka Snow Sheep hunting in Russia

The Kamchatka Snow Sheep hunting season successfully started in Milkovo region with 2 great rams taken by our Mexican hunters after a really hard work in the area. Two beautiful Kamchatka Snow Sheep trophies will decor their trophy rooms as a sign of the reward for a hard job!
Congratulations to the happy hunters and good luck for our clients of the season 2016!

Kuban Tur hunting in Russia - The season has started!

Kuban (Western) Tur hunting in Russia

Our Kuban Tur hunting season successfully started last week and we are very proud to show you first Turs shot by our clients. It will be a long season and we wish to shoot straight to all our customers of the season 2016! We will keep you posted on our results.
Book Kuban Tur hunting with ProfiHunt for the season 2017!

Dagestan Tur hunting in Azerbaijan - Amazing trophy!

Dagestan Tur hunting in Azerbaijan

Our Dagestan Tur hunting season in Azerbaijan is in the middle and we are very proud to congratulate our Mexican customer Jesus Viejo with his tremendous 97 cm (38") Dagestan Tur recently shot in Sheki area! What a huge trophy!Well done, Jesus !
Book Dagestan Tur hunting in Azerbaijan with ProfiHunt and get your dream Tur!

Wild Boar hunting in Tajikistan - Amazing trophies!

Wild Boar hunting in Tajikistan

Our Wild boar Summer hunts in Tajikistan are going very successfully and bringing our clients great trophies with the biggest tusker of the season of 27,5 cm!
Join ProfiHunt on Wild Boar hunts in Tajikistan and get your dream Wildboar!

Dagestan Tur hunting in Azerbaijan - successful start of the season!

Dagestan Tur hunting in Azerbaijan

Our Dagestan Tur hunts in Azerbaijan are going very well and bringing us great trophies with the outstanding 38" monster Tur shot by our French hunter!
We would like to congratulate our Italian and French hunters with their achievements and wish our other hunters straight shoots in the season 2016 !

Jim Shockey's Amur Brown Bear hunt:Goal achieved!

Amur Brown Bear hunting in Russia

Jim Shockey was successful on one more hunt in Russia having taken an Amur Brown Bear in the middle of May 2016 after 4 hunting days. This Bear specie has enriched Jim's Bear collection from Russia!
Our sincerest congratulations to Jim Shockey!

Mideastern Brown Bear hunting in Russia:Great trophies!

Mideastern Brown Bear hunting in Russia

The Mideastern Brown Bear is a rare Bear specie which is getting more and more popular among the hunters all over the world. This year our Russian and American hunters were lucky enough to add this rare Bear into their collections!
Congratulations to the happy hunters and welcome to hunt Mideastern Brown Bear with ProfiHunt next year!

Brown Bear hunting in Kamchatka: Succesful season!

Kamchatka Brown Bear hunting in Russia

Our Kamchatka Bear hunting season was very successful for our hunters despite of very bad weather conditions and not enough snow and our hunting guests managed to harvest very good trophies !
Book your Kamchatka Bear hunters with us for Fall 2016 or Spring 2017 now!

Capercaille and Black grouse hunting in Russia - Excellent season!

Capercaillie and Black-Cock hunting in Russia

We are happy to inform about our very successful hunting season for Capercaille and Black grouse in Kirov region where our guests from all over the world have been amazed by the bird's density, high professionalism of the hunting guides and Russian hospitality!
Congratulations to all of our happy hunters! Do not miss your opportunity for 2017 hunting season!

Konya sheep hunting in Turkey: collection is growing

Hunting in Turkey

This time Benderskiy Eduard went to Turkey, to get beautiful and rare trophy of Konya mouflon. As Eduard says himself, the hunt turned out to be easy and pleasant, the desired trophy was harvested on the second day of hunting. This sheep has become to be 22nd according to the GSCO classification and 25th according to KGO (Russian club of mountain hunters). We are proud that ProfiHunt was involved in harvesting significant part of these trophies and we will help Eduard with no doubts to enlarge his collection up to 30 rams.

A hunt in Ethiopia: hard to believe but true!

Hunting in Ethiopia

We are happy to congratulate our devoted client and a friend of our company Pavel Te with the successful and effective hunt in Ethiopia. This African country is worldwide famous for a few unique endemic species which hunter is unable to get anywhere else in the world. Pavel Te managed to harvest nice quality trophies of Mountain Nyala (35 inches) and Menelik Bushbuck (13.5 inches). But the most unbelievable thing is that the normal length of the hunt is 15 full days and Pavel did the incredible, he accomplished the hunt less then 1 day. It took him 1 evening on the day of arrival to the hunting area and the following morning to get both species! Such a fantastic combination of a miracle and of a result really could occur!

Blanford urial and Sindh Ibex combo in Pakistan: We are closing the season

Blanford Urial, Punjab Urial, Blue Sheep, Sind Ibex and Himalayan Ibex hunting in PakistanBlanford Urial, Punjab Urial, Blue Sheep, Sind Ibex and Himalayan Ibex hunting in Pakistan

Blanford urial and Sindh Ibex combination is the best choice for the first visit to Pakistan, easy logistic, comfortable accommodation and high density of animals in the area attracts dozens of hunters every year. Russian hunter Eduard Benderskiy visited Pakistan this march to enlarge his mountain collection with 2 new species. It took just 2 days to complete the hunt with getting 2 beautiful trophies. An amazing result you can see on the pictures.
Plan your trip to Pakistan with Profi-Hunt for the upcoming Fall/Winter season, best rates are available!

Jim Shockey's fantastic Siberia hunting adventure!

Hunting in Russia

We are very proud to announce that the world famous hunter Jim Shockey had an unbelievably successful hunting combination at the end of February in Siberia and he was fortunate to harvest very desirable and rare trophies: Lynx and Wolverine!
These species are very hard to collect and the achievement of Jim is just outstanding !
We congratulate Jim with one more successful hunt in Russia and are already planning his next hunting adventures!

A resultive hunt in Mexico

Hunting in Mexico

Eduard Benderskiy just sent us a photo with his Desert Big horn taken in Mexico in January.
Congratulatin Eduard with your 12 year old ram! Well done. We look forward for your trip to Pakistan in March 2016. And congratulations with completion of the OVIS WORLD SLAM SUPER 20 in 2015! Thank you for your support and that you always book your hunts with Profi-Hunt.

KriI-kri Ibex - the hunt with the millennium history

Hunting in Greece

Eduard Benderskiy is one of the hunters who is always on the hunting ways. Greece is famous for its trophies of Kri-Kri Ibex and there is a chance to get it there. Eduard went to Greece in December 2015. His schedule was tough, he had 3 days only since shortly after Greece a new hunt for the Desert big horn in Mexico was in store but he decided to try the luck. Eduard had taken a beautiful trophy of the Kri Kri Ibex. Our sincere congratulation!
And the news on Mexico is coming shortly!

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