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Latest trophy hunting reports

Brown Bear hunting in Kamchatka:Overall great Spring season!

Kamchatka Brown Bear hunting in Russia

We have just finished our Kamchatka Bear Spring hunting season which was one of the best and brought to our clients some huge Bears with some of them of 9,5 to 10 feet! We congratulate all our hunters with such great achievements and look forward to the Fall hunts which will start on August 20 !
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Big beautiful birds from big country: capercaillie and black grouse combination hunt in Russia

Capercaillie and Black-Cock hunting in Russia

Сapercaillie and black grouse combination hunt is one of the most popular spring ones in Russia, which has its fans and admirers. This is an opportunity to gather a group of friends and go on a short (4-5 days), but an exciting hunt. The season lasts only a few days and occurs at the end of April - beginning of May. At this time, in addition to the remarkable trophies of capercaillie and black grouse the hunter has the opportunity to get woodcock. Hunting areas are spread in the European part of Russia "from Tver to Kirov".
The spring season is over and we congratulate our hunters-clients who have entrusted us with organizing this hunt this year. Great emotions and great results - great trophies of birds!
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Brown Bear hunting in Kamchatka: Successful start of the Spring season!

Kamchatka Brown Bear hunting in Russia

We are proud to announce that the first groups of our hunters on Kamchatka Bear have been very successful and bagged a few really high-grade trophies of this huge predator! Sincere congratulations to the happy hunters! The kickoff is amazing and we do hope the close will become a good match to it!
The results of our few more groups which are there right now are coming shortly. We will keep you updated and inform properly and in time regarding further doings on the remote giant peninsula. Just be alert and don't miss the news!

Capercaillie and black cock hunting in Tver region - Successful start of the season!

Capercaillie and Black-Cock hunting in Russia

We would like to inform you about our very successful start of the hunting season on Capercaillie and Black cock in Tver Region. A group of 7 hunters from South Tyrol was inspired by the bird's density, high competence of professional hunters and Russian hospitality. A huge Weidmannsheil to South Tyrol!

Balkan chamois hunting in Bulgaria

Balkan chamois hunting in Bulgaria

We are proud to announce great results after finishing hunt in Bulgaria. The hunting season there has just started and we already have the first trophy. The hunter from Russia Kulinkin Nikolay boasts now with Balkan chamois trophy, shot on the second day of the trip. Our sincerest congratulations to Nikolay with an awesome success and interesting hunt!

Punjab urial hunting in Pakistan

Hunting in PakistanHunting in Pakistan

Eduard Benderskiy and Sergey Magidov decided to spend couple days hunting together but their tough schedule afforded them very few days. After some conversations the choice fell on Pakistan and Punjab urial as a trophy. Good population, easy logistic and pleasant weather with comfortable accommodation determined this choice. The goal was achieved just in two days, our friends relaxed from an everyday routine and enriched their trophy rooms with new species. What a marvelous weekend!

Wild Boar hunting in Tajikistan - Great succes!

Wild Boar hunting in TajikistanWild Boar hunting in TajikistanWild Boar hunting in Tajikistan

Our French hunting guests had a very successful Wild boar hunt in Tajikistan and bagged a very good number of trophies with the biggest tusker of 24 cm !
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Kerman sheep and Persian Ibex hunting in Iran

Hunting in IranHunting in Iran

After 3 years of a ban on hunt, disputes and struggles, Iran reopens it's boarders for international hunting society. All those unique species are available again. Russian hunters could not miss this opportunity and Eduard Benderskii was lucky to get 2 precious tags to hunt in Iran: Kerman sheep and Persian Ibex. It took him just 4 days to collect both species and enlarge his trophy room with 2 very nice trophies that you can see on the pictures. We sincerely congratulate Eduard with his success!

Monteria and Partridge hunting in Spain

Monteria and Partridge hunting in Spain

Spain is the country with old hunting traditions, attracting hunters from all over the world. Each hunter can find something interesting here as the species variety is really great here: 4 species of Ibex, Balearic goat, 2 different chamois, mouflon, stag, wildboar, partridges etc. None will be left disappointed. This time a group of Russian hunters leaded by Borodulin Mikhail made their choice toward Monteria and partridge hunting. During 2 days they shot 600 partridges, 91 wildboars, 30 stags, several mouflons and fallow deers. What a marvelous result! Our sincerest congratulations to the all members of this group with the perfect weekend!

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