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Alpine Ibex hunting in Austria

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Alpine Ibex is darker in color than other ibex species. Males have large horns with well – defined cross ridges or knots. Spectacular landscape of lower Alps provides successful Ibex hunts. It is a very beautiful animal. You will also have a chance to harvest great trophies of Red stag, Fallow deer, Wild boar, Mouflon, Roebuck and Chamois.

Hunting packages

Ask for alpine ibex hunting package details and special ibex hunt prices via:

Email jagd@profihunt.com
Skype profihunt-jagd, profihunt-asia, profihunt-russia

Hunting season

Alpine Ibex, Chamois: August – beginning of December

Alpine Ibex hunting tips

Each day you will be guided by Austrian professional hunters. The hunt in Austria is mostly spot-and-stalk.

Hunting Base Camps

You will be accommodated at the first class hotel. Enjoy excellent cuisine and additional facilities, such as tennis courts and swimming pool.

How to get there

Upon your arrival in the Vienna airport you will be met by your guide and transferred to the hunting area. The hunting grounds are located within two hour transfer from the airport.

Weather in Austria

The climate in Austria is moderate. Winter is mild with frequent snowfalls. Summer is warm and sunny. The average temperature in the hunting region is as following: August 75°F (+24°C), September 68°F (+20°C), October 55°F (+13°C), November 44°F (+7°C), December 37°F (+3°C).

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