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Caucasian Chamois hunting in Russia

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Caucasian Chamois inhabits Caucasian Mountains. It has relatively short, stout horns. The average trophy size is 7-8 inches / 17-20cm. We organize Chamois hunting in the Caucasian Mountains of Russia – the most scenic country in the world, with almost 100 % success.
See our clients in SCI Record Book: Alan Chopp, David F. Myrup, Gary Rigotti, George Harms.

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Hunting season

The season is from the 1st of August to the 25th of November with the optimal period from the 1st of August to the 1st of October.

Caucasian Chamois hunting

The Chamois hunting is done on foot using jeeps or horses in the hunting area. Expect walking to good observation points, glassing for several hours, and then possible moving to another area until you find your trophy. Animals normally use steep country and tree line open spots at 7,500 – 8,000 feet / 2,500 -2,700 m. Normally you spot and stalk Chamois from the tops. Hunting Chamois is a great challenging experience.

Hunting Base Camps

Accommodations are in tented camps or cabins at 5,100 feet / 2,700 m equipped with cots and stoves. Electric generator is used to provide lighting and charging.

How to get there

You arrive to Moscow International Airport; our crew meets you there, assists at customs and takes to hotel. Next morning you fly to Mineralnye Vody. Flight from Moscow to Mineralnye Vody lasts around two hours.

Weather in Caucasian Mountains

Weather is quite unpredictable. Day temperatures have wide amplitude, and nights are always cool due to the high elevation and surrounding glaciers. Afternoon fog is a normal condition. August – mid-September: Daytime highs are 77-80°F/ 22-25°C, with lows of 35-40°F / 3-10°C. In mid-September – October daytime temperatures are 50-59°F /10-15°C with 15-23°F / -8 -5°C at night. Snow can be expected at the tops in the first decade of September.

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