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Dagestan Tur hunting in Russia

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Dagestan Tur

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We are glad to offer you a great hunting destination for Dagestan Tur – Osetiya – one of the Russian republics located in Caucasus. Tur hunting is very challenging and it is one of the most demanding trophies. Dagestan Tur counts both towards the Ovis and Capra World Slams. It has more curved horns than other species of Tur – quite unusual for a goat, being smooth and rounded.

Hunting packages

Ask for Dagestan tur hunting package details and special hunt prices via:

Email jagd@profihunt.com
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Hunting season

August 1 to November 25.

Dagestan Tur hunting tips

Hunt is very challenging. We do organize a classic spot and stalk hunt. This is a real mountain hunt. We try to avoid any driven hunts. Spike camps are used intensively in order to avoid the most difficult part of vertical hiking or to hunt particular area. Most big trophy rams use remote country. Be in a good shape. Considerable climbing will be involved.

Hunting Base Camps

Simple hunting houses and tent camps. Spike camps are used intensively.

How to get there

You will arrive in the international Moscow airport. You will be met and assisted by our representative. We will do everything possible to expedite the custom procedure. You will be taken to the hotel for overnight. Next morning you will fly to Vladikavkaz and then transferred to the hunting area.

Weather in Russia

Weather is normally sunny with occasional showers and fog. Daytime highs in August are 77-80°F, with lows of 50-57°F. September – October daytime temperatures are 50-59°F with 15-23°F at nights.

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