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Eurasian Brown Bear hunting in Russia (Kirov)

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Eurasian Brown Bear (Ursus arctos arctos) is not big in size but it is bigger than Mideastern Brown Bear. It has larger skull and darker, more curving claws. During many years in fall our hunters enjoyed successful Brown Bear hunting in Russia. This specie inhabits Kirov region of Russia located in 700 miles from Moscow. Kirov region has bear hunting quota for 350 animals. Average Eurasian Brown Bear runs between 300-350 pounds (150-170 kg) with occasional males as big as Kamchatka Bears, about 700-800 pounds. Every two years we take one – two males of such a size.

Hunting packages

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Hunting season

The season is from August 01 to September 20. Some good hunting for European Moose can be included in later dates.

Brown Bear hunting

These Russian brown bear hunts are physically easy. Our hunters enjoy 90% success! Bears are successfully hunted via baiting and stalking when they come on oat fields in mid August. Their activity of Bear depends on crop of wild berries and nuts.

Hunting Base Camps

Clients are accommodated in clean and warm hunting houses with single bedrooms or private hotels. You find good home style food and good quality service. Every camp has everything for the first-aid kit. Upon your wish we can accommodate you in the nearest tourist base or rest home, if it is possible. But in this case, the way to the Russian bear hunting area takes more time.

How to get there

You arrive to the International Moscow airport. Our crew meets you and assists through the customs. We do everything possible to expedite the customs procedure. You can travel to Kirov by train same day in the evening or stay overnight in Moscow and go to Kirov next day. We invite you for one day of sightseeing! Travel to Kirov by train is an experience. Thousands and thousands of people come to Russia just to take the Trans-Siberian railway, the longest railway in the world.

Weather in Kirov

Usually the weather is favorable during the hunting season. Daily the temperature runs from 45-50°F / +15-20°C and at night it is 32-40°F / 0 +10°C.

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