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Kamchatka Brown Bear hunting in Russia

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Kamchatka Brown Bear hunting is one of the most exciting adventures available for the hunters. Kamchatka peninsula is well known for big bears. We do not want to promise you something special or fantastic giant… We base on clear figures and over 20 years hunting experience. Each year at least ten our clients take 9 foot bears and two – three clients take 10 foot trophies.
Success rate: for a long time it was close to 100% but due global climate changes and as a result abnormal hot springs it’s getting less. But still we do our best for making it higher for our guests. That’s why we can guarantee that you will be located in the best brown bear hunting areas in Kamchatka (Russia) with professional guides and have a great hunt.
See our clients in SCI Record Book: Eugenio Piccinali, Evgeny Kurgin, Gary Curtin, Kenneth W. O’Neill, Mechislav Klimovich, Michael Cooper, Kent Yaws, Sergei Yastrzhembskiy, Shawn R. Merriman, Randy Pretzer. Welcome to Russia, to Kamchatka. Take your Russian bear home.

Hunting packages

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Hunting season

Spring hunt: April 25 to May 25
Fall hunt: August 20 to October 01

Brown Bear hunting tips

Bears are hunted as they are emerging from dens. Snowmobiles are used to get the hunters into the remote country. The hunter and the guide cover great distances looking for a track of a big bear. Your guide drives a snowmobile and you are in the sledge behind. Once the tracks are cut, the hunter follows the bear. When bear is spotted you stalk it on foot, snow shoes or skis. Fall hunts are done on boat, foot, or by spotting and stalking while observing active Salmon streams, berry patches and feeding areas. In some areas horseback hunting is available. Average shooting distance is 150-200 yards/100-150 m.

Brown Bear hunting trip checklist:
Brown Bear checklist

Hunting Base Camps

The camps are polar tents or cabins. They are warm, clean, but have no modern conveniences (running water, flush toilets etc). The tents/cabins are equipped with stoves and cots. The electricity is supplied by generating sets. There are separate tents for sleeping, dining and for bathing. Every camp is served by interpreter and cook.

How to get there

As Magadan Airlines are not flying to Anchorage any more, the only possibility to get to Petropavlovsk is to fly via Moscow. You will be met by our English-speaking representative at the airport of your arrival and assisted through the customs. Then we take you to the hotel, or transfer to the internal airport for your flight Moscow-Petropavlovsk. It is a non-stop 9 hour flight. In Petropavlovsk you will be met at the airport and then transferred to the hunting camp.

Weather in Kamchatka

Spring season: during daylight hours the temperature is 32-40°F / 0 +8°C and during nighttime from 22-32°F /0-10°C. Fall season: during daylight hours the temperature is from 45-50°F / 15-20°C, during nighttime 32-42°F/ 0-10°C.

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