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Altai Wapiti or Maral hunting in Russia

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Altai Wapiti or Maral has shoulder weight up to 59-61 inches and weigh up to 660 pounds. This ungulate is one of the most beautiful and gainly game animals of Russia. The large horns will become a great trophy even for the experienced hunter. Altai Maral inhabits the forested hills of Altai, Sayan, and Baikal regions of Siberia. We offer Maral hunting in one of the best areas situated near the Sayano-Shushenskiy reserve. This area holds vast variety of fauna and flora.

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Hunting season

Bugle Maral hunts run from September 10 to October 05 and it is the best time for the combination Maral and Altai Ibex. It is the most exciting time to hunt, and also the most successful one.

Maral hunting tips

Boats are used for transportation around the hunting area. The hunt is classical spot-and-stalk. Hunting by calling mature stags during the rut is also successful. Maral is often spotted right from the boat. Be prepared for extensive walking. The hills are not very high (up to 6,500 feet) however the forested terrain is rather demanding. The mountainous area for Ibex hunting is steeper.

Hunting Base Camps

Camps are hunting cabins, usually located on the river banks. They are clean, warm and comfortable but have no modern conveniences. Base camps are equipped with cots, showers or sauna and electric generators. Tented spike camps are used to hunt particular animal or area.

How to get there

You arrive in Moscow International Airport; our crew meets you there, assists through the customs and takes to hotel. Then you fly to Abakan. From the airport of Abakan you will be transferred to the hunting camp: first by car and then by boat. The transfer lasts up to 10 hours in total depending on the area you hunt in.

Weather in the Sayany region

The Sayany region has continental climate with relatively short and hot summers and long, cold and at some places very frosty winters from November to March. The country that Maral inhabits is subject to great varieties of weather. During daylight hours the temperature in September is 40-45°F and during night time 25-32°F. Expect hard frost in the morning.

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