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Mid-Caucasian Tur hunting in Russia

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Some Turs live on the eastern side of the Caucasus Mountains and called Dagestan or Eastern Tur, the other live on the western side of the Caucasus Mountains of Russia and known as Kuban (Western) Tur. Mid – Caucasian Tur inhabits those areas where these two species are mixed – Nalchik area. The three different Turs count toward both the Ovis and Capra World Slams.
See our clients in SCI Record Book: Arthur R. Dubs, Gary D. Parker, Gary Rigotti, George Harms, Kenneth L. Barr, Larry Higgins, Richard Sand.

Hunting packages

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Hunting season

The season is from August 1 to November 25with the optimal period from September 1 to November 25.

Mid-Caucasian Tur hunting tips

Hunting starts from the fly camps. Backpack hunts are customary in the most areas with small portion of horseback riding. This is really mountain hunting. The terrain is difficult and steep. We encourage spike camping. A temporary tented camp is set up at 8,000 feet / 2, 700 m. Rams are generally located in very remote country at 9,000 feet / 3,000 m or in lower timbered country at 7,000 feet / 2,300 m. Be in good shape as it is an important factor for stalking during the hunt.

Hunting Base Camps

Base camp is a nice comfortable lodge.

How to get there

You arrive to Moscow International Airport; our crew meets you there, assists through the customs and takes to hotel. Next morning you fly to Mineralnye Vody and then go by car to gthe base camp located near Nalchik.

Weather in the Caucasus Mountains

Weather is quite unpredictable. Day and night temperatures have wide amplitude due to high altitude and surrounding glaciers. Afternoon fog is a normal event. August – mid-September: Daytime highs are 77-80°F/ 22-25°C, with lows of 35-40°F / 3-10°C. In mid-September – October daytime temperatures are 50-59°F /10-15°C with 15-23°F/ -8 -5°C. Snow can be expected at the tops in first decade of September.

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