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Hunting reports. Season 2013

Innermost hunting lands of the World

Hunting in IranPerhaps, it is not so easy to spot another hunting area like that one, which can boast a variety of mountain species. Certainly the experts in the scope of the mountain hunts can easily guess that we are talking about Iran - a country which is not only rich in history and cultural heritage, but also one of the world centers of hunting. Hunters come there both for a single trophy and for their combinations.
The hunt of our devoted client and the friend of our company Eduard Benderskiy was really successful and effective. It took place at the very end of the previous year, in December 2013. The immense trophy of the Persian Desert Ibex of 107 cm!
Our sincere congratulations!

Golden days

hunting in SpainOur life is full of colors, we put them to describe a lot of events of it, to describe valuable and memorable moments and incidents. People say the golden age or golden anniversary and we could add the "golden hunt". Can't believe?
Our devoted client and friend of the company, a tireless traveler and hunter Victor Melnikov described his hunt in Spain exactly like golden one. Victor hunted there in early December, 2013. Two magnificent trophy ibex have been harvested: Beceite (233 points on the European scale of assessment) and the Gredos (238.5 points on the European scale of assessment). Both - deserved the gold medal. And surely it's a golden event! Our sincere congratulations!

Hunting - the sport of gentlemen

Kuban (Western) Tur hunting in RussiaCaucasian Chamois hunting in RussiaSometimes, talking about hunting success of our clients we are about to operate with words and phrases which are more appropriate in sport. Our devoted client and friend of ProfiHunt Viktor Kim literally held a series of successful hunts during this fall. Being a sophisticated mountain hunter, a member of the American "Slams", connoisseur of quality trophies Viktor had hunted remarkably in several European countries and assembled a quality collection of mountain species.
We have already elucidated the hunt in Romania and Macedonia for several trophies, including Kri-kri ibex and chamois. And in November, Viktor Kim went to the Caucasus, Karachay-Cherkessia, where harvested gorgeous 16 - year-old trophy of Kuban or West Caucasian tur (Capra caucasica dinniki) and Caucasian chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra caucasica). Hunting in the Caucasus was the real final match by the core: it is not only the completion of a Slam (the tour is included in the list of Ovis (Ovis World Slam), and chamois is in " Capra " (Capra World Slam), but a beautiful and bold final point in the Caucasus in the season of 2013. The point that deserves a sign of exclamation at the end.
Our sincere congratulations!

Winter hunt for Moose in Kamchatka: part II!

Chukotka Moose hunting in Kamchatka (Russia)Chukotka Moose hunting in Kamchatka (Russia)Chukotka Moose hunting in Kamchatka (Russia)The finish of the hunting season for Moose hunting in Kamchatka in Winter was as much successful as the beginning for our hunting guests from Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Switzerland and Luxemburg. They managed to harvest very nice bulls and are totally happy with a successful hunt and great bag.
We congratulate our hunters and wish all of them Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Ibex hunting in Kyrgyzstan: Very hard but successful !

Mid-Asian Ibex hunting in KyrgyzstanIbex hunting in Kyrgyzstan: Very hard but successful ! The group of hunters awarded to close Mid-Asian Ibex hunt season 2013 in Kyrgyzstan has succeeded in full!
It was a hard work for 3 hunters from France with tough climbing the mountains and rocks but award has become generous for all of them – 3 splendid trophies of Mid-Asian Ibex proved it for sure!

Winter hunt for Moose in Kamchatka has successfully started!

Chukotka Moose hunting in Kamchatka (Russia)Chukotka Moose hunting in Kamchatka (Russia)Chukotka Moose hunting in Kamchatka (Russia)We are very proud to announce that our first group for Moose hunting in Kamchatka in Winter time had a very successful hunt and took really great trophies which we are sharing with you ! This time the snow level was not optimal and it took more time to harvest the trophies.
Our sincerest congratulations to our French and German hunters !

Macedonia: a nonpresumable perspective on the well known trophy

Hunting in MacedoniaHunting in MacedoniaHunting in MacedoniaHunting in MacedoniaDon't you think it could be amazing to correlate the trophy you need and the glimpse on it back in the history?
Hunting is one of the oldest human occupations, psychologists say that the desire to hunt is almost an instinct, hunting scenes can be seen on rock paintings, on the walls of rulers palaces and on works of art. A trophy animal is perceived quite otherwise if you look at its "historical face". One of the most popular mountain trophies of Europe is Cretan Ibex or Kri-Kri (Capra aegagrus creticus).
The name of Cretan is nonrandom, since the subspecies was adopted on the Island few thousand years ago from Anatolia. The Ibex did contribute into the art of the Minoan civilization - one of the mysterious cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age (2700 - 1400 years BC ). Archaeological excavations on the island discovered murals paintings of Kri-Kri. And some researchers are convinced that there had been a religious worship of it in the ancient epochs. Well the best place to hunt Kri-Kri in Europe is Macedonia. The average score of the harvested trophies in the country varies around 60 cm (CIC).
By the way the Ibex is within the list of the Capra World Slam and it's not only a beautiful animal to decorate the trophy room but could let you add a point to the slam and get the reward afterwards. It was a Kri-Kri hunting aim in Macedonia for our devoted clients and friends of ProfiHunt Victor Kim and Eduard Benderskiy. Being sophisticated "mountaineers" with the certain experience of hunt Victor Kim and Eduard Benderskiy managed to harvest their Kri-Kris on the second day of their trip. The results are as following: 78 cm Eduard Benderskiy and slightly less than 60 cm Viktor Kim. Hunter luck turned its face and both of them completed their collections with other animals as well. The four day results are serious. Eduard Benderskiy: the second trophy of Kri-Kri, Raska sheep and a wild goat; Victor Kim: Balkan chamois, thar, a wild goat and Raska sheep.

Romania: Beyond of customary ideas

Hunting in RomaniaHunting in RomaniaAssociations, they are applicable in psychology, it's a nice game to play with friends to pass the evening...
Romania. Certainly, the first idea to come is always about the country history, the epoch of the Middle Ages and the personality of Vlad the Impaler, Prince of Wallachia, but better known as Dracula. We are sure you see a bunch of books which starts with "...Romania is considered to be one of the most mystical countries is the world thanks to its ancient history enriched by myths and legends...". People of certain generation will recollect the Warsaw Pact and the era of Nicolae Ceausescu. It was 1989 and it was Romania where the last Revolution to overthrow communism in Central and Eastern Europe happened.
For hunters, keen on collecting mountain trophies, Romania is Carpathian Mountains, the home of one of the most magnetic European trophy. You bet we are talking about Carpathian chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra carpatica).
Chamois, praised by poets from ancient times, which image can be met on the coat of arms of many European cities, the symbol of velocity is a welcome addition to the collection, a worthy decoration in the trophy room and one of the trophies in the list of Capra World Slam. Hunting in Romania is not difficult, there is a real chance to get a trophy of Carpathian chamois, you can be proud of. The average size for Romania is 100 points (CIC). The maximum score ever registered by now for the chamois harvested on the woody slopes of the Carpathians in Romania is 133 points (CIC) .
It goes without saying, Romania has more to offer: the brown bear, the Transylvanian wolf, hare. And what a wonderful bird hunting is there! But it's Carpathian chamois which had become the prime target for our devoted clients and company friends Victor Kim and Eduard Benderskiy who shared the hunt in Romania in November this year. The expectations have met their wishes: good trophies (111 points at Eduard Benderskiy and 98 points at Victor Kim), fine and professional service of the outfitter and impressions and emotions to be put in the treasury of memories. Congratulations!
Their trip didn't stop in Romania and new adventures were in store. New trophies were waiting! The news is coming soon.

Mid-Caucasian Tur hunting : Trophy number 5 of the SCI record book is shot!

Mid-Caucasian Tur hunting in RussiaAnd so we have implemented one of our best and incredible hunting seasons in Mid-Caucasian Tur area.
The last trophy of 2013 shot by our great friend and legendary Danish hunter Richard Sand was the biggest and really a fabulous one: 14,5 years old, 34 inches in horn length and 13 inches in bases with a total score of above 153 4/8 SCI points!
What an amazing result, Richard ! Thank you for your trust and we are striving to have you our guest in Russia again!

All outstanding achievements began with: this is nonsense, but let's try

Kuban (Western) Tur hunting in RussiaMid-Caucasian Tur hunting in RussiaCaucasian Chamois hunting in RussiaNegotiations regarding Combined hunt for Kuban Tur, Mid-Caucasian Tur and Caucasian Chamois started for a group of Spanish hunters with this phrase exactly. There was a thorough work out of itinerary, hunting area and all other details.
But unexpectedness accompanies the hunter from time to time. This time was quite the same, the hunters decided to follow the fortune and succeeded. Trophy list is more than impressive: 3 Kuban turs, 3 Mid-Caucasian Turs and 3 Caucasian Chamois!

Somewhere between Pyrenees and Galicia

Hunting in SpainHunting in SpainCantabrian mountains are one of the main systems of mountain ranges in Spain. They stretch for over 200 miles across northern Spain, from the western limit of the Pyrenees to Galicia, along the coast of the Cantabrian Sea. These mountains became the center of gravity for thousands hunters from all over the world, as you can find here two unique species of chamois from OVIS list.
It took us just three days to provide our friend and devoted client - Benderskiy Eduard with both trophies of Cantabrian and Pyrenean Chamois and upgrade his OVIS list.

More success from Kyrgyzstan

Mid-Asian Ibex hunting in KyrgyzstanIt was a long way from US, 6 days spent in the mountains, Ibexes far away. But the last day of hunting completed this story. As a result - very nice trophy of Mid-Asian changing it's citizenship and goes to US.

Geese hunt in Iceland

Geese hunt in IcelandGeese hunt in IcelandGroup of hunter from Russia decided to check geese hunting outside the country. And they succeeded! 5 hunters got 161 geese in 2,5 days!
Perfect result!

Double success in Kazakhstan!

Mid-Asian Ibex hunting in KazakhstanOur Belgian hunting guest Bert Schauwvlieghe has just returned from a great hunting for Mid-Asian Ibex in Kazakhstan.
Bert has harvested 2 Ibexes : the first one was 108 cm and the second was just a tremendous specimen of 132 cm (52")! What a fantastic result of this very hard hunting !

Siberian Roe Deer hunting season in Kurgan - hard but bearable!

Siberian Roe Deer hunting in Russia (Kurgan)Siberian Roe Deer hunting in Russia (Kurgan)Due to a very cold Winter in Kurgan,this Roe Deer hunting season was pointed with a weaker trophy quality compared to last year which was just great. However several very good trophies were shot and we sincerely congratulate our 62 hunting guests from Germany,Denmark,Romania, Hungary,Switzerland,Austria, Ukraine,France, Russia and Italy with 99 harvested Siberian Roe Deer trophies in 5 hunting areas and thank all of them for their support and trust to us even if the results are not so excellent due to very bad effects of the last Winter.
The biggest trophy of this season was 1.050 Gr. We do very much hope that next Winter will be softer and next season bring us a lot of great trophies.
Thank you for coming and hunting with us ! We look forward to see you next year !

Moose and Siberian Roe Deer - classical combination in Kurgan!

European Moose hunting in RussiaWe are very happy to congratulate our regular hunting guest from Italy Carlo Zito on his successful hunting in Kurgan.
He managed to harvest European Moose and Siberian Roe Deer in one trip.The Moose was just great and had 11 kg (antlers weight). This kind of combination is efficient in the beginning - middle of October which is a rutting time for Moose.
Well done,Carlo ! Thank you for your support and trust !

Tur hunting - really hard!

Dagestan Tur hunting in RussiaEveryone knows that Tur hunt is one of the hardest huntings on the Earth. Our French hunting guest Alexis Andre who has come for Dagestan Tur in North - Osetya has made it certain last week. After 2 days hunting full of hard work he has finally harvested his trophy after 5 hours of steep climbing in a deep snow and in bad visibility. The shot from 203 m put a period to this unforgettable hunting adventure. Hat up,Alexis !

Austria - a hunt of the "weekend"

Alpine Ibex hunting in AustriaAlpine Ibex hunting in AustriaAlpine Ibex hunting in AustriaA frivolous name of the news shouldn't confuse all those for whom the mountain hunt is a hobby and a passion of the life. Austria is the world spread name for the best Alpine Ibex hunt. The destination can boast the through-ages customs of the hunt conducting. Vast and numerous hunting areas, luxury accommodation to fit the demands of the most sophisticated client, all these are at the disposal in Austria. As well as the instant luck is at hand.
In September of 2011 our client (Sergeev Victor) gained the Ibex within the list of the best 40 trophies harvested in Austria. In October this year our devoted client and friend Eduard Benderskiy has done the utmost and got the trophy with the overwhelming result - the Alpine Ibex with 203 points (CIC).
Victor Kim - Eduard's hunting party and the company said the best: Eduard had no time to sweat, at once a big male appeared... Victor shared the luck and harvested a very good trophy of 171 points (CIC) and diversified the list by getting a good mouflon of 88.6 points.
The logic question is the time sufficient to put in life the above plan? 1 late evening for Eduard Benderskiyand and 1 full day for Victor Kim. Congratulations with the output and we are sure of the high top emotions and impressions.
Incredible but true: hunt in Austria could be brief and short by time but explicitly fruitful and real one!

Successful Ibex hunt in Kyrgyzstan!

Mid-Asian Ibex hunting in KyrgyzstanTwo fellow hunters from Germany have booked Mid-Asian Ibex hunt in Kyrgyzstan with us at the hunting show in Dortmund in February 2013. The next seven moths were full of preparations and have passed very quickly.
On 29 September the hunters finally arrived in Bishkek. The transfer into the hunting area and rifle adjustment are made and on the first day of hunting two good Ibex trophies are shot. Of course,it is a bit pity to finish the hunt so early but nice trophies will be the best memory for a life time !
Well done,friends !

Splendid achievement

Mid-Caucasian Tur hunting in RussiaKuban (Western) Tur hunting in RussiaWith no exaggerations this hunting season in Caucasus became real probation for all the hunters and guides.
The winter came earlier this year, braking all the forecasts and expectations. But in the end we have what we have and we know how to handle it.
William Young bought our donation for Kuban Tur at GSCO convention 2013 and after some discussions and ponders, he decided to upgrade his Kuban Tur hunt for the combination with Mid-Caucasion Tur.
Nothing could stop him, malicious airlines or severe weather, he passed everything as a hero and put 2 fare trophies of Turs to his pocket.
Splendid achievement!

Giant Mooses from Kamchatka go to Hungary!

Chukotka Moose hunting in Kamchatka (Russia)Chukotka Moose hunting in Kamchatka (Russia)Our first group of Moose hunters successfully finished their horse back Moose hunt on Kamchatka peninsula. Our guest Laszlo Paller harvested his great trophy in the very beginning of the hunt and Peter Frey in the end of the trip.
Their Mooses are the best prize for a long trip and a hard work !
Congratulations !

On the boundary of clouds and foggy tops

Dagestan Tur hunting in RussiaDagestan Tur hunting is considered to be one of the most difficult mountain hunts in the world. A hunter should overcome long range distance on the steep cliffs, to the boundary of clouds and foggy tops in order to occupy suitable position for a good shot.
Our fellow hunter Brad Wilson proved that one can master the way. As a result, very nice Dagestan Tur trophy has been harvested! Bravo!

Long preparation but fast driving

Mid-Asian Ibex hunting in KazakhstanMid-Asian Ibex hunt in Kazakhstan has been planned by Giorgio Piglione and Dario Miletto in advance. But it appeared as in Russian proverb: long preparation but fast driving! Both trophies of Mid-Asian Ibex were harvested during the first two days of hunting.
Funny fusion took place: Italian hunters in Kazakhstan hunted like in a Russian proverb!
Any way, our congratulations with successful hunt!

Triple hit

Mid-Caucasian Tur hunting in RussiaKuban (Western) Tur hunting in RussiaCaucasian Chamois hunting in RussiaExperienced hunter Zeev Nederman an old friend of our company. He hunted with us many times previously and now he came to Russia together with his friend another sophisticated and legendary hunter Dennis Campbell.
Zeev booked the combination of European moose, Kuban Tur and Caucasian chamois, he was lucky enough to get the moose on the first hunting day, after the triumph and celebration the question arose - what to do, as he had 5 more days before he was scheduled to leave to the Kuban Tur area.
Dennis Campbell in his turn gave him advise to try for Mid-Caucasian Tur, this idea captured Zeev's mind and we started to work on it immediately without delays. Promptly the hunt was prepared, the camp equipped and the guides are ready.
As a result Zeev Nederman shot unique and outstanding trophy of Mid-Caucasian Tur, the dream of all hunters. With the great success he finished his Kuban Tur hunt by harvesting mature ram and Caucasian chamois. It was pleasure to hunt with you Zeev, we will hope to see you next year for the next adventure!

Moose hunting on the rut in Russia

European Moose hunting in RussiaEuropean Moose hunting in RussiaOur good and devoted friends: Dennis Campbell and Zeev Nederman, came to Russia to try one of the most interesting and fascinating hunts in European part of our country - moose hunting on the rut season. It was new hunting experience for both hunters and now when everything is finished and you can see some pictures from this trip below, with no doubts we can declare they have no sorrow about their trip.
After measuring the trophies both hunters will have good chances to get a line in SCI record book. In conclusion we would like to share with you the comment that Dennis Cambell left us after the hunt: "I really enjoyed the moose hunt. The bulls were full in the rut/mating mode and came to the calls very well. It was an exciting way to hunt. I could highly recommend this to anyone".

Mid-Caucasian Tur hunt: Fantastic trophies!

Mid-Caucasian Tur hunting in RussiaMid-Caucasian Tur hunting in RussiaOur hunts in Kabardino - Balkaria have gained a great success and delivered the beautiful trophies.
The evidence is more then clear: the mature Mid-Caucasian Turs shot by our hunting guests from USA Latham Myers and from Austria Markus Falkner.
The animals are great and of a mature kind: one is 11 and the second is 13 years old. The first was shot at the very the beginning of the trip and the second had been harvested by the very end of it.
Great job, guys!

Dagestan Tur in North-Ossetia: Great trophy is going to Great Britain!

Dagestan Tur hunting in RussiaOur hunting guest from England Adad Silvester did a great job on a harvest of a great, mature Dagestan Tur trophy in Ossetia of 10 years old!
On the last day of hunting being exhausted after 4 very hard hunting days with daily climbing up and down along the slopes and spending his overnights in the tented camp. The hunt itself proves again that the hope shoudn't die but last up to the end and be like sparkles of the flame which could burst into fire at any time.
Well done, Adam!

More success from the Caucasus

Mid-Caucasian Tur hunting in RussiaMid-Caucasian Tur hunting in RussiaOur hunting season is at it's peak in Kabardino-Balkaria, good news came from the mountains these days. One more group finished the hunt, our guests from the US, Sassan Moghadam and Mark Megazzi are now on their way home with desirable and solid trophies of Mid-Caucasian Tur.
They have a short brake now before the next adventure to summarize the memories and think about next hunt.

What is the strength, Bro?

Kuban (Western) Tur hunting in RussiaKuban (Western) Tur hunting in RussiaKuban (Western) Tur hunt was planned with Igor Ershov and Sergey Udovenko spontaneously – our friends found open dates in their hunting schedule and the task was to decide: where to go and the trophy to hunt for? Short time negotiations passed and we setlled – the destination is Caucasus, the target is Kuban Tur. Tickets are bought, rifles are prepared, connections flight through Moscow and welcome to Min Vody.
Then transfer to the mountain bottom by cars, to the tops on horse backs and overnight at a spike camp. But next morning brought a surprise – all the mountains filled up with snow. Locals couldn’t recollect such an occasion. Anyone can hardly wait for the better weather in a tent with the equipment prepared for the September hunting but our friends proved what the real Ural Iron temper means – no step back, only ahead.
And the weather was unable to resist it – next day wind began subsiding, sun was shining and snow started melting. Prime time for hunting, it’s impossible to lose even a minute. Then like acting a textbook – Turs are found, short time stalking and our hunters’ hearts beat happily – trophies had been harvested!
To our traditional congratulations one can add: What is the strength, Bro? Strength is a temper!

Russian Snow Sheep Slam has been completed

Okhotsk Snow Sheep hunting in RussiaThere are 5 subspecies of snow sheep in Russia available for official sporting hunt: Kamchatka, Koryak, Kolyma, Yakutsk and Okhotsk snow sheep.
These animals inhabit isolated territories with severe climate and changeable weather. The hunter should have strong weal and irresistible desire while going to complete Russian Snow Sheep Slam. It's hard to do, but our fellow hunter Eduard Bendersky proved the proverb - nomad will master the way.
Eduard lacked Okhotsk sheep in his Russian Slam only but completed it this year. Notwithstanding for weather intrigues like storming cyclone, rains, winds and mists, Okhotsk snow sheep has been successfully harvested. Our congratulations!

Natural treasury of Mingi Tau

Mid-Caucasian Tur hunting in RussiaBright and beautiful name - Mingi Tau! Few of us knows, this is origin name of Elbrus mountain. On the other hand every hunter knows that Elbrus mountains slopes are the only place where Mid-Caucasian Tur can be harvested. Eduard Benderskiy came to the area to try his hunting luck. Difficult days of stalking and climbing. Weather changes and severe conditions. Everything was overcome and by this day the trophy of Mid-Caucasian Tur took his deserved place in the trophy room.

Сaucasus mountains bring fantastic trophies

Kuban (Western) Tur hunting in RussiaMid-Caucasian Tur hunting in RussiaCaucasian Chamois hunting in RussiaWe are very proud and happy to announce that our hunting season in Caucasus has started. The hunting guest from USA Roger Flahive has harvested a great collection of trophies of Kuban Tur, Chamois and Mid-Caucasian Tur. Despite of all difficulties the hunt could have in store in August like heat, high altitudes, Roger has done both his best and a really great job to get these very desirable Caucasus species! Well done, Roger!

Lucky Island

Hunting on MajorcaHunting on MajorcaMajorca - a Mediterranean sea pearl, an Island with the hundreds years of history, custom, cultural legacy and certainly a world famous resort. For thousand years the Island has been integrated into the European civilization. But this is not the only thing "The Big Island" can boast, few of us knows Majorca has a unique, pristine flora and fauna. One of the most vivid representatives is Balearean Goat, a rare and desirable trophy.
Two hunters from Russia: Kim Victor and Benderskiy Eduard shared the hunt on Majorca this July and were ambushed by it's beauties and picturesque scenery, they brought back to Russia memorable impressions and 2 fare trophies of Balearean Goat.

Elements challenge – Episode II

Kamchatka Brown Bear hunting in RussiaKamchatka Brown Bear hunting in RussiaKamchatka Brown Bear hunting in RussiaKamchatka Brown Bear hunting in RussiaKamchatka Brown Bear hunting in RussiaKamchatka Brown Bear hunting in RussiaKamchatka Brown Bear hunting in RussiaSpring hunting season 2013 in Kamchatka bore a strong resemblance of the last year one. The same obstacles took place: domestic flight deliveries to Palana, fogs with zero visibility caused by pouring rains, abnormal heat that caused snow melting in the north of Kamchatka peninsula, cyclonic whirlwinds that brought snow storms to the south to peninsula and etc.
Such elements’ violence can frighten an inhabitant but not a hunter. Only a real hunter is able to resist all the obstacles and reach his goal – harvest one’s desirable trophy. In spring 2013 the hunters from USA, Mexico, Germany, France, Andorra and Russia made the elements challenge. And fortune smiled upon them. Almost all of them harvested outstanding trophies!
Summing up the season passed, everybody came to the general opinion: the more adventures a hunter faced during the trip the more precious the memories and hard-to-get trophies will be.
Well done, gentlemen!

Find your adventure in Spain

Bezoar Ibex hunting in TurkeyWe are proud to announce great results after finishing hunt in Spain. Our hunters and friends: Borodulin Mikhail, Muraviev Andrey and Muraviev Semen are leaving this picturesque, mountain country with full pockets of impressions. When arriving Spain they aimed at getting the best possible trophies and with no doubts they did. The result of the hunt: three "Gredos" Ibexes of 231, 246 and 258 CIC points and "Beceite" Ibex of 220 CIC points.

Season 2013
Brown Bear Kamchatka hunting 2013

Brown Bear Kamchatka

Moose Kamchatka hunting 2013

Moose Kamchatka

Marco Polo Tajikistan hunting 2013

Marco Polo Tajikistan

Mid-Caucasian Tur hunting 2013

Mid-Caucasian Tur

Kuban Tur hunting 2013

Kuban Tur

Dagestan Tur hunting 2013

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